Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Developing a Personal Growth Plan

One of the things it takes to make a great success of our lives is a plan for personal growth. After all, who we are today is the result of who we were and what we did yesterday. What we have is an exact reflection of our past efforts. If we expect things to change in the future, then we will have to change today.

If there are six frogs sitting on a log in a pond and one decides to jump off... how many frogs are left on the log?





The answer is six. The frog only decided to jump, she did not take any action on her decision. Wanting to change, deciding to change and making a change are three distinct and separate events. Only the third event results in change.

Developing a Growth Plan

Do you have a plan for personal growth? Are you doing anything intentionally and strategically to better yourself? Growth is not automatic. You have had some success, but that doesn't mean you've reached your highest potential. There is always room for increase.

There are unknown places to visit, oceans to cross and mountains to climb in your life. Many of us fall into "destination disease" where we think we have arrived at the summit just because we have reached a certain goal.

We accomplish something... we get a promotion we sought; we earn a degree at school; we marry our soul mate. Now we think all we have to do is kick back and coast on what we've already learned.

But, in order to advance in our lives we need to take the responsibility for our own growth. Me for mine and you for yours. Our attitude has to be, "How can I improve?" "What can I do to make myself better?"

We need to stir up our desire to learn. Our goal must be to grow and learn something new every day.

Maybe every day you should get up and go for a walk. Maybe I should take ten minutes each morning to speak my affirmations for my better life. Maybe we should listen to a CD that teaches us something as we commute to work. Maybe we should turn off the TV earlier in the evening and read a book for half an hour. Maybe we should hook up with a mentor twice a month and go for lunch.

It is your choice. It is my choice. I choose to grow. I choose to press "Play" on my CD player. You choose to read.

As we take responsibility for our personal growth we are honored for our efforts. We will get the right breaks and have the right opportunities. And we will rise higher and higher.

If you don't know how to start developing your personal growth plan, send your contact information to me and we will get started together.

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At August 24, 2008 2:15 PM, Anonymous zk said...

Nice post , one must have a good game plan for personal growth, its important to grow mentaly for you to acheive success in any field


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