Monday, January 14, 2008

8 Random Facts About Me: A Tagging Game : LOGICal eMOTIONs

8 Random Facts About Me: A Tagging Game : LOGICal eMOTIONs

So, William Tully at tags me and the let's me dangle in the wind for six months while he chuckles at how clever he is. Thanks buddy.

And now there are 8 things you are going to learn about me...

1. I have over 300 vinyl Beatle LP records in my basement and a turntable that can play them
2. I prefer to code HTML by hand than use a WSYWIG program and then go back and fix it
3. I am sad that Whistle Down The Wind and Dance Of The Vampires are two great musicals that almost everyone is never going to see... and I'm thrilled that I got to finally see one in 2008
4. I can still code in APL and I believe no one will ever pay me to do that again
5. My unique ability is to learn and teach
6. Not being able to buy Cherry Cola in the store *used* to be my biggest pet peeve (now I have a source!)
7. I long to watch Get Smart television episodes on DVD
8. I am too easily amused by shiny objects

And now, 8 fellow bloggers (with blogs well worth reading) are hereby officially 'tagged' and invited to participate in this growing sport:

- MAXpersuasion
- DTAlpha TalkBack
- Smart Living 4 Smart People
- Renee's Genealogy Blog
- First Class M.L.M
- Big Als Blog
- 100% Free To Work From Home
- Lasers In The Jungle Blog

I invite the authors to leave a comment here with a link to their own 'tag' blog post... you folks are "it"!


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