Wednesday, June 18, 2008

You Can Create Anything

Sometimes we have an experience that confirms without a doubt that our reality is created in our own minds. If we say we can or we say we can't, either way we are right. I invite you to read this excerpt from the book Concious Women - Concious Lives Book Two by Darlene Montgomery.

A New Way Of Seeing by Andrea Leake

I was a single parent, living in Toronto with one son, and working full time at The Canadian National Institute for the Blind as a Social Worker. I'd always had perfect vision until one day, while sitting at my desk, I was shocked when my central vision started to blur in my left eye. Over that day, my vision worsened, so much so that before the day was over, I had an appointment with the eye doctor.

The tests showed nothing seriously wrong, nevertheless within two days I could see only blackness through my left eye. It was December 15, 1990 as I looked into the mirror and said out loud, "What is happening to me?"

A friend suggested I get the tapes for
You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay and listen to them for three months. With real skepticism, I bought the tapes and began listening to them each night. I started paying attention to the thoughts and words I chose. Prior to my vision loss, I remembered saying things like "I don't want to 'see' this anymore," and "I can't do this anymore."

I wondered, 'Have I created all of this?'

'Yes,' I realized. I was responsible for my vision loss!

I then realized that I could manifest the power to heal myself. I researched hands-on healing techniques and learned that placing my hands over my eyes every night could provide a healing energy.

My thoughts had changed, and my vision was returning gradually. Three months passed when I suddenly, with no prior art lessons, began to skillfully draw, first a blue heron, then an eagle, and other wild birds. This urge to draw poured through me effortlessly onto paper. Everything I sketched became alive on paper!

The more I sketched, the more my vision improved until after two years my eyesight was fully restored.

Today, I am a commissioned artist living on magical Salt Spring Island, British Columbia. The gift in losing my vision was in truly learning to see.


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