Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Have A Nice Day!

"Make it so" - Jean Luc Picard

"Have a nice day!"

How lame is that?

"Have a great day!"

That sounds a whole lot better.

"Have an excellent day!"

Now that is a wish I can enjoy receiving from everyone I meet.

But you know what I love to hear people say to me?

"Make today an excellent day!"

That's right. I love for you to wish for me to have an excellent day. But I yearn to make today an excellent day. After all, today will be exactly the type of day I believe it will be. It is entirely up to me to make up my own mind and to decide today will be excellent.

Thank you for your good wishes and kind thoughts about the day I am about to have. I appreciate your sentiments and I'm grateful for your thoughts and wishes. And I will make today an excellent day!

And tomorrow.

And the next day.

And the day after that.


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