Thursday, January 17, 2008

Brian Tracy's new book: "Flight Plan"

Brian Tracy, one of America's most famous and influential teachers of the fundamentals of success, has a new book: "Flight Plan"

You can buy that book today and receive 2 CDs:

  • The Miracle of Self Dicipline
  • Goals

This special offer is only available by clicking on the book below or on the special link:

Flight Plan

Flight Plan - Brian Tracy's Newest Book Plus Bonus CDs!

Here is an excerpt from Brian Tracy's Flight Plan:

"The three most important steps, discovered and re-discovered by virtually every successful person, are these:

1. Decide exactly what you want, write it down and make a plan to achieve it. Decide upon your destination.

2. Take action. Launch toward your goal. Step out in faith. Take the first step with no guarantee of success. Take off on your journey.

3. Be prepared to make continual course corrections every hour and every day of your life as you fly toward your destination. Expect an inevitable, unavoidable, and unbroken series of problems, difficulties, reversals, setbacks, and crises every day and week of your life. Since you cannot avoid them, your aim must be to respond to them effectively.

Make a decision right now to set your goal. Take off and make continual course corrections until you achieve all that is possible for you."


Order your book and bonus CDs now!
Flight Plan - Brian Tracy's Newest Book Plus Bonus CDs!

Make a decision today for your No Limit Success


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