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How to Grab and Hold Your Prospect’s Interest by Tim Sales

Another great article from master MLM teacher Tim Sales. This time Tim explains how to be professional in your presentations. Tim's Communication Qualities are taught, in great depth and with "live" examples, in his Professional Inviter course, which I personally recommend to you. .../Paul

How to Grab and Hold Your Prospect’s Interest
by Tim Sales

In last month’s newsletter and training call I discussed how to present to your prospect without being too shy or too pushy. This month’s newsletter is all about communicating easily - which has to do with you being a sharp presenter, and presenting with professionalism.

Not winging it… but also not sounding rehearsed. No fumbling over your words. No being out of breath because you’re scared. No apologizing for being scared. Simply put, being a confident and professional presenter who delivers good content effectively.
Sound hard to do? It’s not.

Unfortunately too many people in the M.L.M industry don’t take the time to learn a few simple concepts. In presenting, right or wrong, your prospect will judge you, the business and the M.L.M industry based on how you present. Is it any wonder the industry has a public relations black eye? Too many presenters in M.L.M “wing it.”

Communication Quality number five is Communicate easily— no tension, strain, fakeness, sounding rehearsed, stuttering or hesitating. If there were a word that defined this Communication Quality it would be articulate. Which means: 1. to express oneself clearly and coherently; 2. to pronounce distinctly;

I’m not talking here about using perfect English. I can not claim to have mastered this Communication Quality from an English professor’s viewpoint. But I have mastered it enough to communicate to my audience. Sometimes things said with perfect grammatical correctness make no sense to the person you’re talking to. No, I’m talking about true communication – which is articulating words so they make complete sense to the person you’re talking to. If you’re speaking to a typical teenager in perfect English tongue – they will think you’re an idiot.

There are several things that cause you to speak easily and clearly. I will go into depth on these topics on the training call. I’m just mentioning and defining them here, because if I wrote everything about them it would be a 10 page newsletter! Here’s a list of things you need to be aware of that will cause your prospect to pay attention to you and truly learn from you.

Vary the speed of your speech
Your speed of delivery must vary – meaning you have parts of your presentation that are faster and other parts slower. Why? Because this is how you stress importance. I’ll go into details about this on the conference call.

Vary your voice tone and volume
A varied tone of voice and volume are very important if you want to keep your prospect’s attention and have them understand what you say. It’s what gives your prospect a clue about what is important and what is very important.

Create strategic pauses
Extremely effective so the audience feels that you are speaking right to them.

Use set-up words and sentences
Set-up words are words you say that prepare your prospect for what you’re about to emphasize. Like if I were to say, “If you learn nothing else out of tonight’s presentation…” that would be a set-up sentence to emphasize what I’m about to say.

Build bridges
Another topic is the use of what I call bridges. Bridges are words and or sentences you use to transition from one topic to another. When you’re shifting topics – you need to use a bridge – otherwise your prospect doesn’t follow you and there’s a gap. Many prospects get lost in this G A P between topic 1 and topic 2. It’s not that they don’t understand topic 1 or 2, it’s that they didn’t hear you move from topic 1 to topic 2 and they don’t see how the two topics relate.

Be easily heard
You need to communicate with a volume that each person you’re talking to can hear easily but not so loud that it causes the prospect to feel you’re shouting at them.

Make frequent eye contact
Make frequent eye contact with individual people. I used to practice this at my kitchen table with stuffed animals. I would talk to one animal sitting at the table and then to another one. If you’re talking to a husband and wife, you should talk directly to the wife for 5-10 seconds and then directly to the husband for 5-10 seconds. When speaking to 10,000 people, you look at ONE person and talk to them for 5-10 seconds then pick out another person. Never talk to a crowd.

When I complete talking about these sections on the training call I’m going to cover FEAR! Because if you are afraid you will not be speaking easily!

Please reply with any questions about ANY of the subjects I’ve written about. Your questions and comments help me to understand exactly what your thoughts are about this subject so that I can better talk to you and give you what you need. Do you have any questions? Leave them in the comments section at the end of this article here:

With admiration,
Tim Sales


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