Tuesday, November 18, 2008

MLM Training: The Strongest Prospect Magnet is Great Promotion! by Tim Sales

When people move their mindset from working for a paycheck to working their own business, one of the most uncomfortable things to change is the way they view promotion. having said that, becoming comfortable with promotion, and mastering it, will result in the greatest rewards. In this article Tim Sales teaches the skill of promoting. .../Paul

MLM Training: The Strongest Prospect Magnet is Great Promotion!
by Tim Sales

The worst thing you can ever do in your MLM business career is to think, ponder, worry or even get the idea that it’s unprofessional to promote! Here are some MLM training strategies for generating your own MLM leads, even if you’re on a tight budget.

Prospects are basically the foundation of any business as they are the - potential customers to the business. So just how do YOU find MLM prospects?

Let’s start out with a definition of the word promote which is the most important word in finding prospects for your MLM Business. The word promote means: to make known.

I was recently doing some MLM training with a person in my downline. She needed some help with her business, which was not growing. As I asked various questions I finally found the “nasty bug” that was stopping her network marketing business from moving forward. She didn’t want to come off as being or sounding sales-y. This stopped her from promoting.

How does everyone else promote?

A politician promotes how he/she can make a whole community’s life better - so he’s/she’s making herself known to the public by promoting and making known to as many people as possible what he/she can do for them. If you’ve noticed, politicians promote on TV, radio, signs stuck in the grass or on telephone poles along a busy street or maybe speaking at various group meetings.

A college promotes what courses it offers. It might promote on radio, might promote to high schools or through sporting events. A stockbroker promotes that he can help his/her prospect make money. A local restaurant will promote via radio, or mailing brochures or discount coupons.

The worst thing you can ever do in your MLM business career is to think, ponder, worry or even get the idea that it’s unprofessional to promote!

You really need to know and understand promotion. The only way you can have prospects, therefore customers or distributors - is to promote. The only way for you to make money in network marketing is to promote. You can write down your dreams and goals and study them every night. But you’re as effective as a billboard in the middle of the desert. No one knows you exist until you make yourself known. So if you ever find yourself where your business isn’t growing or you don’t have enough prospects, enough customers, or enough distributors - what do you do? Promote!

Why do you promote? The reason you promote is to create desire for your product. If you don’t create a desire for your product, it’s very difficult to achieve MLM success. How would you know that someone desires your product or business? Well certainly if you sent a post card and someone called the number - that’s someone showing desire in your MLM Business. Even if a person called and asks, “How much is this?” It would still be someone showing desire - or at least slight interest. If you called a friend and asked them to look at something and they said, “Send it to me.” That’s showing a desire. People sometimes refer to desire as “responses,” as in, someone responded to my promotion.

Different types of promotion

So now let’s talk about different types of promotion that create desire. You could promote your MLM Business in:

1. The Help Wanted, the Sales & Marketing or the Business Opportunity sections of a newspaper,
2. Advertising section of magazines,
3. Direct mail, such as sending out post cards to everyone in your zip code,
4. Door hangers,
5. Email, banner ads on the internet,
6. Networking. I’m sure you could have guessed that I would name that one. But you would be surprised at how many people, when mentioning all the ways to promote, miss that one. In fact, if you use traditional promotion with the mindset of just finding a network of people to work - you will fare far better than most who only measure their responses with how many people respond to their advertisement. You can turn one response from a promotion into thousands if you properly network.

One other place to find prospects for your business is to promote to MLM leads you purchase from a lead company. The advantage of this is you’re only paying for those who’ve responded and you’re not paying for all the people who didn’t respond. If I send out 10,000 post cards and get 20 responses, then I paid for 9,980 post cards that didn’t get a response.

The advantage of writing your own ads of course is being able to target your specific audience with your specific product or opportunity message. Which is VERY important and should not be underestimated. In contrast, when you buy leads, you’re buying general ads - perhaps people who’ve responded to wanting a home based business. The other down side to buying leads is that very often, lead companies resell their leads to more than just you - so you’ve got extra competition to deal with.

Three broad ways to promote

Now, it probably sounded like I just contradicted myself; I didn’t. I just saved you years of running in circles trying to figure the advantages and the disadvantages to generating your own leads or buying leads. This is the game. You must promote. There are three broad ways to promote.

1. Networking- which costs the least - you’re going to have costs of meals with prospects - costs of joining clubs and associations. So I have rock climbing club fees, I have mountain climbing association fees, horseback riding fees, mountain biking fees- these are like $50 - $100 dollars a year.

2. Buying leads is more expensive than networking, less expensive than generating your own - but has some advantages and disadvantages. Sometimes you get some hot leads - sometimes, you swear you’re calling a graveyard.
3. Generating your own. Most expensive, but has the advantages of targeting your prospects. Here’s a list of advertisements that I’ve run to promote my own MLM business opportunity.

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Be “in” business

The bottom line is you must be using at least one of these three methods to achieve MLM success. If you’re not, you’re not in business - you’re out of business. What you should be doing, if you see the big picture and want the very big income is you need to be doing all three. All the time. Ideally you start out by networking, which will create enough money to buy MLM leads, then you’ll generate enough money from the leads you purchased to generate your own leads. My point is, as soon as you start making any money, reinvest it in promotion.

One other MLM training tip: don’t measure your success by just your immediate responses. Any marketer who is of any value knows that how you measure return on promotion investment is based on the “life of the customer.” NOT immediate return. Get one leader from a MONTH or 6-MONTHS of promotion and it can pay you for the rest of your life. People often ask me, how much money did you make your first year in network marketing - I tell them, “I don’t know, I’m still earning it.”

Much respect and admiration,
Tim Sales

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At November 18, 2008 8:05 PM, Blogger JK said...

Speaking of promotion...check out this article by Robb Thompson:

Promotion Must Be Earned; It Is Not A Result Of My Existence

Moving up the corporate ladder isn't as hard as most people make it. Promotion is a result, not a gift. It is a result of doing things right and doing them in excellence. Therefore I have outlined five surefire ways to qualify for the promotion you want.

1. Take Care Of Your Personal Appearance:
The man who owns one of the largest temporary employment agencies in America said, "More than 98 percent of people are hired for their jobs because of personal appearance." This caused me to ask myself:

• How do I look when I go to work in the morning?
• What can I do to take a step up to another level in my personal appearance?

Your appearance is the first thing people notice about you, so why not use it to your advantage? Although many people dress how they feel, I made a commitment a long time ago to always dress how I want to feel. When you dress successful, you will feel successful. An excellent appearance will alter the flow of favor in your direction and attract opportunities that otherwise would not be available to you.

2. Become An Expert On Your Job:
King Solomon said, "A wise man will hear and increase in learning..." Educate yourself concerning your career path. Read magazine articles, newspaper clippings, and books that pertain to your job. Develop and hone the necessary skills to further advance you beyond your contemporaries. Focus your attention on becoming an expert in the field in which you work. You will never be rewarded for your similarities to another, only for your differences from another.

3. Give Attention To Detail:
Promotion is summoned to your life the moment you give attention to detail. Suppose you walk down an aisle at work and saw a piece of paper lying on the floor. Would you pick it up off the floor? Or would you leave it there and think, "That's job security for the maintenance man!" Although this may seem a small issue, it's not. This small detail is really important to those in authority at the workplace.

I don't take these small details lightly. I have had many business owners tell me, "You know, that's right. I do look for employees who don't neglect the little details." If you desire your employer to be impressed with you, then give immediate and accurate attention to the instructions he speaks to you. Immediate attention to detail gets you sure recognition.

As companies downsize, more and more people will lose their jobs. How do you make sure that you're not one of them? Security comes by giving attention to detail. Every employer wants to surround himself with people who will not overlook the small details of their assignments, who follow an instruction and get it done quickly.


1. Ask those closest to you what you can change about your appearance.

2. List the next three books you will commit to read pertaining to your job

3. Throughout your day, be conscious of the details you tend to overlook. Write them down and commit to give them attention the next time they come across your path.

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At November 19, 2008 4:03 AM, Anonymous Bob Firestone said...

You can't succeed in MLM by being a secret agent.

If no one knows you are in business are you really in business?

At November 19, 2008 3:31 PM, Blogger Omsingh Shekhawat said...

WHy there is so much cry for earning money all over the world?

At November 19, 2008 5:40 PM, Anonymous Michel Laliberte said...

I don't believe in buying leads.

I just believe in generating my own leads.

It's cheaper when you know how to do it.

People call me instead of me chasing them.

That's the way to go...online or offline.


At November 20, 2008 11:51 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.




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