Friday, October 24, 2008

*BE* the Salesperson You Can

True or true?...

It doesn't matter if you're a financial planner, an attorney, accountant, consultant, freelancer…
or whether you're in insurance, real estate, automotive, or even dentistry…

or if you're looking for work, looking for a date or looking for directions...

You need to know how to sell.
Because if you don't, you'll forever
be at the mercy of those who do!

Now YOU Can Discover…

In Just Hours…

A Simple, Proven,7-Step Sales Formula That Will SuperchargeYour Earning Power

— 100% Guaranteed!

If you are interested in learning such a system... read on.

You'll discover…

  • How you can take charge of your life, and make as much money as you want
  • How to double, triple, even quadruple your sales… or more!

  • How to ask for referrals and get so many quality leads you'll find yourself closing sale after sale in record time

  • How to develop nerves of steel and never get rattled during a sales presentation

  • How to make more sales in less time through time management

  • How to get your customers to sell for you

  • And more!

Sales is one of the highest paid professions… or so they say. Why is it then that so many salespeople aren't earning enough to live the life of their dreams even after they've been in it for years? In other words…

Why do most salespeople fail?

The most common reason why they fail is because they don't have a sales formula - one that hauls in massive amounts of cash whenever they use it. Instead, they rely on what's given to them by the companies they work for and nothing more.

Ron White is world renowned as a record breaking memory expert. He has been featured on TV shows, radio programs and in articles all over the world. (Try searching on Google for ron white memory. The last time we checked, it came up with 1,530,000 results!)

His program Memory In A Month continues to be one of the best selling memory training systems in the world… even 5 years after it was first introduced.

Ron speaks frequently to "full houses" and his seminars sell out – each participant paying hundreds of dollars just to hear him speak for 1 or 2 days.

Ron will teach you his Proven System For Success In Sales

Visit this link and get a special bargain price on this course


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