Sunday, September 23, 2007

Your blueprint for earning 7 figures from coaching

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Saturday, September 15, 2007

This is like QVC for Internet Marketers

You are among the first to hear about this (and potentially profit from it).

So, please give this a quick read right now.

Ever heard of QVC? It is the huge shop-at-home-from-your-TV channel.

Over the past few years, this mega-million dollar business has become a household name.


Because they always feature amazing products every day, the bargains are outrageous and anybody with a TV and credit card can watch and buy.

This makes QVC naturally ‘viral’ as a result. It’s easy to brag to all your friends and family about the great deal you just got.

Then, they tell two friends… and so on.

Now imagine this…

What if there was a “QVC style” site that offered a new killer deal each day on the best products to help you build and grow an online business?

I’m talking about all the top rated software, information products, ebooks, membership sites, PLR, scripts, and more!

You know… the exact same (new or existing) products that you’ve been meaning to buy, but were holding out for a better deal.

Does all this sound too good to be true?

Well, this “QVC style” site is about to open its doors real soon. And you are in a fantastic position to profit from it.

Sure, everybody loves a great deal. But, more importantly, here’s where things really get exciting for you, because…

>>> YOU Get Paid! <<<

Imagine if you could generate passive, residual, income online by simply telling your online friends, associates, subscribers, and customers all about this new “deal a day” site.

…. and then, you got PAID on 3 separate levels whenever they bought ANY product over the next 50 years!

Plus, if anyone who you referred decided to promote the site and they refer more people, you get paid on ALL sales they generate too.

Announcing the Deal Dot Com site...

This opportunity is real and yours for the taking.

Is Deal Dot Com legitimate?


It’s the brain child of a few reputable software geeks that you probably know — Jason Potash and Marc Quarles.

Deal Dot Com is set to explode once the word gets out… and it won’t take long. The grand opening is on September 18.

To get the full scoop and sign up, head on over to this *private* web page right now:

You’ll be hearing a lot about Deal Dot Com within the next couple of weeks. Don't be someone that says, "I heard about that in prerelease... too bad I didn't take action. I wish I had signed up when I first heard about it."

Even better, rather that sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else promote this site… YOU could be the one getting an early jump start and maximizing your profit potential.

Before you forget (or get reminded when you receive an email about it from someone else), go check it out right now:

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Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Do grades really matter?

Do grades really matter? - Education - PostSecondary

The above magazine article may seem controversial, but really there is nothing new under the sun here. I have heard over and over that "A" students go on to teach "B" students to work for "C" student. It is another way of saying that those that know how work for those that know why.

The author, Sarah Scott, recounts the stories of the famous and not-so-famous people that have achieved success in life "in spite of" mediocre grades in high school.

To me, the article is a wake up to the parents that "demand" high grades and to the politicians that measure their education systems by test results. Johnny might not be able to memorize the table of elements, but his ability to adapt his conversation to the personality of the person he is speaking with will matter a lot more outside of the tiled halls of high school.

Wouldn't it be great if Sue were taught how to balance her bank account or create a family budget? How about teaching the benefits of business ownership?

Why not encourage Ahmed's creative talents? Instead we see art and music being removed from the curriculum. As Bob Young, co-founder of Red Hat, says in the article: "Typically, our [the "C" student's] success does not come from working within the system. It comes from reinventing the system."

As for the "A" students, look closely at the rules you are following and teaching... they may not really be in place for your best interests. The people making the most out of their lives can not tell you with certainty what their lives will be like in five years. If you can, it might well be time for a check up from the neck up. More is available and you have the potential for much,. much more than you have today.

Working towards your No Limit Success

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Comfortable Entrepreneur

Are you agitated? Are you anxious? Are you conflicted?

Do you find yourself having to go out of your way to get things done?

Is life hard? Is your business hard?

Unless you have achieved the lifestyle Robert Kiyosaki calls "Financial Freedom", all of your answers had better be "Yes!"

Kiyosaki says you have financial freedom when your passive income (money you do not "work" for) exceeds your lifestyle requirements. That is a pretty good measurement of success.

Success doesn't come easily. It is hard and it is worth it.

You do things today that other people will not do so that in the future you can have what they will not have. You miss that football game in order to build your business and earn your freedom. You did not "sacrifice", you invested. You choose to spend time, money, effort and convenience today so that you can have unlimited tomorrows with the freedom of choice in how you spend those commodities.

Most people live in a cycle of earn -> spend -> earn ->spend. Many even throw in a few extra "spend" cycles and get themselves in debt in order to "get things". Your big challenge is to act differently from most people. If you don't you will get what they have.

Success is always on the other side of inconvenience. You need to have a plan that ensures the work you are doing today will result in passive income tomorrow. Either residual income from your business or investment income from the mountain of cash you have accumulated.

You cannot live your life by the obligations you have, or think you have. Live your life by your possibilities.

Don't wait. Take action. Start to be great.

You don't have to wait to start. You are ready today.

If you want to learn more about the importance of taking action, the value of doing the inconvenient and the benefits of living your life by possibilities, I highly recommend you buy the new DVD -- PASS IT ON.

This movie, inspired by the style of The Secret movie, shows how you can use the Law of Attraction coupled with the Law of Action to achieve wealth, inspiration, success and happiness.
Through the words of successful business people, athletes, celebrities and the best motivational speakers in North America, you will take a journey to the top of personal achievement. When you get to the summit you will discover it is all about helping others.

This is a positive film that will fill your heart, stir your soul and move you to take action in your life.

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Friday, September 07, 2007

What's the big deal with Downline Secrets 2?

A review of Downline Secrets 2

If you haven't heard yet... James Grandstaff has released "Part 2" of his "Downline Secrets." Actually my mailbox was so full of people promoting this product I thought it must be 100% hype. But I checked it out anyway.

Before I get to my review, you might want some background information in case you have no clue as to what Downline Secrets "Part 1" was about.

Basically with Downline Secrets part 1 Grandstaff provided free access to a recorded call between Mike Filsaime and James Grandstaff. Mike asks James questions about the success he had using (a free advertising resource) to grow his downline.

You got access to the MP3 and PDF transcript of the call. The MP3 was nice because I didn't have to have my browser up on the site to hear the audio and the transcript is nice because you can read an hour call in about 10 minutes.

During the call James revealed how he used his free Instant Buzz traffic along with his own 3 step strategy to explode his downline into the thousands on autopilot. All while maintaining his full time job, in Michigan, as a PC support technician.

The call went on to provide the opportunity to buy the same software and use it to grow your downline in any program you happen to be involved in.

Which was good at the time.

What makes Downline Secrets "Part 2" so much better is that Grandstaff starts where Downline Secrets 1 left off.

Here is where Grandstaff has taken his original idea ...

With Downline Secrets 1 you were left to figure out all the technical stuff in order to duplicate his results for your own MLM business. The software and videos were good information but you still had to write your web copy, arrange your hosting, do the HTML page design and so on... All the yucky stuff that vacuums up your time and gives you a migraine.

He had limited his market because if you didn't have the technical skills, or the money to hire those skills, you were pretty much out of luck and couldn't really benefit from the entire system he was teaching.

This time around you get access to a call between James Grandstaff and Chris Zavadowski, also very successful in the MLM scene. He grills Grandstaff for about an hour and gets some cool secrets out of him.

The Downline Secrets 2 system is over the top! Grandstaff has covered all the technical stuff for his customers this time - all the set up is included. All the technical barriers in the first product have been removed. Now more ordinary people can benefit from his teachings and proven system.

When you visit the site (just go to get the free phone call on MP3 and the PDF transcript!) you are going to see the expected one-time offer. Usually this is time to bail, I like to get the free stuff and see if has any substance and then run away! But not this time... I was suprised by what I saw.

Once you register for the free stuff you get an offer for Grandstaff's Elite upgrade membership.

All I can say is you want to get this one! It's only $47 bucks and, for a change, there is real value for your money.

Cutting down the typically long sales letter, here's the bottom line... he's offering you a professional designed lead capture page to give your visitors a customized version of his new manuscript called 'How to Get Rich Building a LAZY Downline!'

Before you give it away the PDF is customized with *your* affiliate links to several generic MLM training resources. You get a copy of the book with your own earning links, and does anyone that gets the book from the capture page created in your name. The book even has your name on the cover!

You give the new ebook away and you earn any commissions from those you refer if they upgrade in any of the programs. And since they're all related information sites, the conversion rates should be very good.

You advertise the lead capture page, via a special link you get, and Grandstaff's software will send an email to your prospects with a link to the customized PDF with your links. I didn't believe this at first, but it really works.

Just as the sales letter promised, everything is on auto-pilot!

Also, if you use pay-per-click or safe ads or a joint venture program to send prospects to the capture page... their name and email information goes to you. That is a nice change!

See, I told you the Elite upgrade membership was worth it. I'm good at this stuff, but if I have to buy a domain and hosting, design graphics, make a lead capture page, write (or even copy) a sales page, a download page and a thank you page and test them, upload them, test them. That work is worth about $300 to $500 minimum.

This is an exciting product because you can use it to build your own downline and you can recommend it to even your most non-technical downline members as a method for them to use. Duplication is where residual income comes from.

After using the system for a few days (yes, I bought it!), I realized that it would be a great tool to use for building any kind of online marketing list. The system will work for other online business models as well.

Downline Secrets 2 gets my highest recommendation!

Sign up here, and buy everything :-)

Here's the link:

You and your business can have No Limit Success