Monday, September 10, 2007

The Comfortable Entrepreneur

Are you agitated? Are you anxious? Are you conflicted?

Do you find yourself having to go out of your way to get things done?

Is life hard? Is your business hard?

Unless you have achieved the lifestyle Robert Kiyosaki calls "Financial Freedom", all of your answers had better be "Yes!"

Kiyosaki says you have financial freedom when your passive income (money you do not "work" for) exceeds your lifestyle requirements. That is a pretty good measurement of success.

Success doesn't come easily. It is hard and it is worth it.

You do things today that other people will not do so that in the future you can have what they will not have. You miss that football game in order to build your business and earn your freedom. You did not "sacrifice", you invested. You choose to spend time, money, effort and convenience today so that you can have unlimited tomorrows with the freedom of choice in how you spend those commodities.

Most people live in a cycle of earn -> spend -> earn ->spend. Many even throw in a few extra "spend" cycles and get themselves in debt in order to "get things". Your big challenge is to act differently from most people. If you don't you will get what they have.

Success is always on the other side of inconvenience. You need to have a plan that ensures the work you are doing today will result in passive income tomorrow. Either residual income from your business or investment income from the mountain of cash you have accumulated.

You cannot live your life by the obligations you have, or think you have. Live your life by your possibilities.

Don't wait. Take action. Start to be great.

You don't have to wait to start. You are ready today.

If you want to learn more about the importance of taking action, the value of doing the inconvenient and the benefits of living your life by possibilities, I highly recommend you buy the new DVD -- PASS IT ON.

This movie, inspired by the style of The Secret movie, shows how you can use the Law of Attraction coupled with the Law of Action to achieve wealth, inspiration, success and happiness.
Through the words of successful business people, athletes, celebrities and the best motivational speakers in North America, you will take a journey to the top of personal achievement. When you get to the summit you will discover it is all about helping others.

This is a positive film that will fill your heart, stir your soul and move you to take action in your life.

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Yours for No Limit Success!


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