Saturday, October 11, 2008

Robert Kiyosaki kicks America's butt

Mike Dillard and Robert Kiyosaki Call

On October 9th Robert Kiyosaki (of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame) participated in a training call to promote his upcoming Predicting the Financial Future seminar.

During this call we got Kiyosaki unleashed! No holds barred and taking no prisoners. He straight up told everyone listening that:

- network marketing (MLM) lets you help other people find their commitment to help themselves
- MLM can be the key to people's freedom from fear and confusion
- it is easier to stay poor, depressed and unhealthy
- when the going gets tough; the weak take a break
- we are in a fearcession
- how we got into this financial mess
- why the proposed solutions won't work
- what our politicians will get us
- financial chaos = opportunity

Click on the link, open your ears and really listen. When you want to talk, leave me a note right here.



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