Friday, October 20, 2006

What is trapping you?

I placed some nuts in a vase with a narrow opening and handed the vase to a monkey. He sniffed around and reached into the vase to grab the treat. But he couldn't remove the nuts because his fist was now too wide to fit the slim opening.

Not only that, he refused to open his hand and drop the food. He was trapped. He could not reason beyond the fact that he had the food he wanted in his hand and that his only chance of freedom was to open his fist and let go.

Is your fist tightly wrapped around a small morsel of food in a vase? What are you refusing to drop in order to earn your freedom.

The life you want to change provides you with too much comfort. Even the small amount your employer pays you each month at your good job is enough to keep you trapped. The security of that monthly pay cheque prevents you from getting out of that vase.

Or is it your ego that is clenched in your fist? Maybe you cannot risk the chance of reducing your social status on your way to financial freedom.

There is some situation in your life that you hold onto so tightly that it is really gripping you. It holds on to you and you refuse to drop it. And it isn't even something you want!

Open your hand, release your grip, drop the nuts, escape the vase, find your freedom. Take your first step out of your trap.

Find your No Limit Success!


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