Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Six Laws of the Human Mind

I have learnt that our lack of success is generally not due to our having a skills problem. Most of us can learn the skills needed to perform a task. What we have is a mind set problem. Our minds wander, drift and lose focus on what is important.

In beginning to understand yourself, it is vital that you master an understanding of the six laws that govern the human mind. These are how they were explained to me...

Law #1. Thoughts are real forces.

And actions are required to give effect to those forces. Thinking is not enough, your thoughts must stir you to action. Use the techniques of Self-Talk (Shad Helmstetter: What To Say When You Talk To Yourself) to retrain and manage your subconscious mind. Prepare a list of affirmations that you repeat to yourself every day. By putting your affirmations into your subconscious, and casting them into the universe, your thoughts will manifest in reality.

Sample affirmations:

  • I'm happy, healthy, wealthy and wise
  • I'm a money magnet

Self-Talk is a powerful technique for changing your habits and creating power in your mind. I will write a more detailed article about Self-Talk in the near future.

Law #2. The mind is a sending and receiving station for thoughts.

You attract what your thoughts are about. Consider the superstitions, sayings, generalizations and trite observations you make every day.

  • Friday the 13th is unlucky
  • I have a bad memory
  • I'm never on time
  • No one can do that
  • Everybody thinks that is a bad idea

Whenever you give voice to these ideas, your subconscious mind listens to you and believes it. It tells your conscious mind, "Hey, you can't remember names"... and you don't even try. You've attracted the condition of having a bad memory by convincing yourself it is true.

You could just have easily told yourself (over time) that you have an excellent memory and you never forget a name. And that too would be true.

Here's an exercise. When you catch yourself or someone else giving a voice to the negative or making a generalization, tell yourself or them "If you say so!" Because Mondays are only bad if you say they are. Black cats are only unlucky if you say they are. You hate your job or career because you say you do.

Replace those statements that are not serving you with positive affirmations:

  • Today is another great day
  • I love getting a good start to the week on Monday morning

Law #3. The Law of Attraction: Thoughts that are emotionalized become magnetized and attract similar and like thoughts.

You succeed at tasks because you are emotionalized to exert the effort required to complete them. You want to choose positive thoughts. Create and use affirmations that stir emotions within yourself. These emotions must be powerful enough to force you to stay the course when your complicated life tries to interfere with your focus.

Think of a magnifying glass setting fire to a leaf. In order to succeed there has to be sunlight (a force) and the glass must be held in focus and be unwavering.

For success, make yourself a focused, steady magnifying glass instead of a wandering generality.

Law #4. The Law of Control: We are forever experiencing thoughts. We have the ability to entertain or dismiss the thought.

Thoughts are constantly racing through your mind at about 1,500 words a minute. We are always thinking about everything.

As you read these words many different thoughts are appearing in your head. I'm thirsty. What time is it? What's for dinner? I can't remember names. What was that about black cats?

You can increase your focus by not entertaining thoughts that distract you from your task. Stop the voices if they are not serving your purpose. As Bill Shakespeare had Lady Macbeth say in the Scottish play, in a totally different context, "Out damn spot!"

Law #5. The Law of Insertion: We have the power and ability to insert a specific thought into our mind at any time.

Isn't that powerful? If our inner voice says "It's another gloomy Monday", Law #4 says we can dismiss that thought from our mind and Law #5 says we can replace it with another thought, such as "I love getting a good start to the week on Monday morning!"

If you say so!

Law #6. The Law of Connection: The inner world (of thoughts and reactions) and the outer world (of circumstances and situations) are connected to each other.

Did you have a good day or a bad day? Either way, it is all made up. Whichever one you proclaim, your subconscious will by affected by your choice and you will notice either good or bad things.

You hear an ambulance (situation) and you make up a story in your mind (thought). "There must have been a big accident." "Someone must be very sick or injured." In your mind you are concerned or worried (reaction). "A woman is having a baby." In your mind you are pleased and hopeful for new life (reaction). The stories are all made up, and they are real to our minds.

The quality of your life is directly proportional to the thoughts you allow. If your thoughts are good your life will be good. You can make up anything and turn any situation or event to good or bad.

Neat stuff, eh? Your own belief will generate the power you need to succeed. What an awesome thing to know. What an incredible tool to have in your belt when you are facing life.

You can be arrogant about how your life will be:

  • I am lucky
  • Everything I touch turns to gold
  • I am a success
  • It is prosperous to be in business with me
  • I am...

A final affirmation for you to use:

"My personal vibration determines the situations and circumstances that happen to me, my thoughts and beliefs determine my personal vibration."


At October 02, 2014 12:59 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I solo luv this program.Thank you soooo much..

At March 20, 2016 9:03 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting these Paul, I have done the course but wanted to show the laws to my daughter, very good of you.


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