Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Building your mailing list

When you are running a business of any kind, it is important to have a list of prospects and customers. These are the people you will market to. One common way to build a mailing list is by offering a product in exchange for a name and email address. You can see at the right of this article I offer my email course.

Well, here is the grand-daddy of all mailing list builders!


This link is an invitation to a special Joint Venture opportunity.

Today, July 24th, 2007, Gina Gaudio-Graves and Henry Gold launched a MASSIVE giveaway, where you are be able to:

1. Get As Many Subscribers As You Can For Your Business. NO LIMITATIONS. NO RESTRICTIONS.

It means that if you receive 20,000 subscribers downloading your products, you'll receive 20,000 subscribers who opt-in to your database.

(e.g. some of our Version. I JV partners received over 7,800 subscribers during the campaign.)

In the four and a half hours since the site launched I have added 143 members to my mailing list at http://nolimitsuccess.info

2. Receive A Lot of Free Publicity For Your Name And Business, As There Will Be A Huge Number of Marketers who Participate in This Campaign.

(Ex: With Henry Gold's campaign, He received over 200,000 unique visitors in 30 day campaign)

3. Earn As Much Affiliate Commission As Possible with The Back-End and Down Sell.

Here are some testimonials from previous events:
"...After more than 5,500 brand new EAGER
money hungry Subscribers and over $3000
of product sales in less than 20 days, I'm
still enjoying continuous healthy
relationships with them."
- Lonnie Amirault

"...This is only day 1, but as of 1 minute
ago, I already had 514 opt-in leads from
this promotion."
- Jennifer Ambrose

"...I had no idea that I would get this
kind of response from such a short period.
I got 7,436 new subscribers in 14 days."
- Raamakant Sarda


All you have to do is donate one of your high quality products for each visitor to download, tell your list about this giveaway event, and earn up to 50% affiliate
commission automatically.

You can read all the advantages, guidelines, and sign up for this event at:

(Take a look at this site. Wild Stuff!)

Better still, all the work is done! Email ads and endorsement letters have already been written. All you have to do is send one out to your list...and watch your subscribers and orders come flooding in!

This is a way you can be building a huge list during the campaign. If you have an online mailing list you won't want to miss this event.


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